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  • To maintain the environmental health of Mary Lake
  • To monitor the developments which affect the environment of Mary Lake
  • To represent the needs of its members
  • To interface with and monitor the policies and activities of all levels of government and non-government agencies.
  • To inform members of local issues through regular newsletters and the Annual General Meeting.
  • To co-operate with other associations having similar objectives
  • To participate in and contribute to the local community.

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A blanket of silence, white and still,
Covers the wintry lake,
No hint of warmth wrapped within.
Shadows, like unsheathed sabres
Lying abandoned, link islands to shore.
Assuming a stern military stance,
Hills in rigid, glacial rows
Glare icily at darkly etched maples,
Bowing to a frigid breeze’s whim.
An occasional capricious snowflake
Drifts up, down and around,
A sly reminder of our vulnerability
To all of the Iceman’s vagaries.

Eleanor Kidd, Port Sydney

Watch Your Wake

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