The Board


2021-2022 Board of Directors


  • President: Josh Laverty
  • Vice Presidents: Ed Morgan, Jill Perry, Linda Kangas


  • Dave Lawson. – Secretary
  • Jennifer Ancona – Treasurer
  • Monique Heemskerk – Membership
  • Nancy Laurie – Newsletter Editor
  • Angus Laurie
  • Ted Johnson – Water Levels
  • Ryan Kidd – Archivist
  • Dean Smales
  • Susan Tovee
  • David Simm


Land use and Planning

Chair: Linda Kangas

  • Angus Laurie
  • Jill Perry

Erosion and Waterlevels

Chair: Ed Morgan

  • Jill Perry
  • Ted Johnson

Water Quality

Chair: Jill Perry

  • Jane Earthy
  • Nancy Laurie

If you have any concerns, suggestions or problems, please feel free to contact the board at and include the member’s name in the subject line.