If it is important to you to know that the qualities of life that brought you to Mary Lake are being protected, then you should belong to the Mary Lake association.






Who are We … 
The Mary Lake Association is a local, not-for-profit, non-political association made up of property owners from the village of Port Sydney and the area surrounding Mary Lake. A Board of Directors is elected by the membership and supports the following mission statement and objectives.

Mission Statement …
To protect the natural environmental health and beauty of Mary Lake and the surrounding community.
To represent issues affecting its membership and their quality of life.

Objectives …
• To maintain the environmental health of Mary Lake.
• To monitor developments which affect the environment of Mary Lake
• To represent the needs of its members.
• To interface with and monitor the policies and activities of all levels of government and non-government agencies.
• To inform members of local issues through regular newsletters and the Annual General Meeting.
• To co-operate with other associations having similar objectives.
• Participate in and contribute to the local community.


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