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               Water Quality and The Environment of Mary Lake         


Water quality is one of the big draws to our Mary Lake Paradise. Vigilant attention to monitoring programs and asking questions when unusual conditions or biological activity occurs is our common responsibility.

This summer a number of you have reported a green stringy slime around parts of our shoreline even   when the water has been so cold this summer. One expert has suggested our algae is cladophora. We are asking the experts for more information and will let you know what they tell us.



                                The full version of the Board's study of Lake Pollution resulting from Spills at the Town's Plants


                                 Results of the Loon SurveyJuly 2013

                                 Muskoka Resorts and Tourism Recommendations Report July 2013



                                    What is Cladophora?

                                    See FOCA Flyer on Algae Page 1
                                    See FOCA Flyer on Algae Page 2

                                   Shoreline Buffers 

                                   Shoreline Vegetation Buffers

Your best source for up to date Information on Mary Lake and other area lake monitoring programs is:


                                  Benthic Monitoring

                                  Benthic Monitorying 2016 new

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                                                Picture Two 

                                                Info and Results One

                                                Info and Results Two

                                                Info and Results Three

                                                Info and Results  Four            

                                   Benthic Monitoring

                                   Benthic Feedback Form

                                   Volunteer Acknowledgement Letter




                                 Jane Earthy's MNR Report

                                  Lake Partners new


                                   Municipal Report

                                   Muskoka Watershed Report Mary Lake 2018 new

                                   Muskoka Watershed Report 2018  new

                                  Lake System Health Water Quality Monitoring Program 2015

                                   Muskoka Watershed Report on Mary Lake 2014

                                   Muskoka Watershed Year End Report 2013

                                   Muskoka Watershed Data Report 2013 
                                   Muskoka Watershed Year End Report 2012

                                   Muskoka Watershed Data Report 2012

                                   Muskoka Watershed Year End Report 2011

                                   Muskoka Watershed Data Report 2011

                                   Muskoka Watershed Report Card 2010

                                   Water Web 2009 Report
                                   Water Web 2008 Report


                                    Unversity of Waterloo Mary Lake Study September 2015  new

                                     University of Waterloo Mary Lake Study September 2014

                                     University of Waterloo Mary Lake Study September 2013



                                     Fish In The Lake

                                     Lake Trout Spawning  

                                     White Fish 


                                    Recommendations from The Freshwater SummitJune 2010

                                      Freshwater Summit Comunique 

                                      Youth Communique

                                      Freshwater Summit Website      

                                    Invasive Species

                                      Giant Hogweed

1) Lake Data/Muskoka Data/Biological Monitoring Data/Huntsville  for our benthic(bugs in the mud) Counting and identifying nearshore creatures provides us with an excellent early warning of threats to our   water quality. Each year a survey is done.

2) Lake Data/Lake Partner Program  (Jane Earthy Program) gives you all our Mary Lake Secchi(clarity) results and our Total Phosphorus readings for nutrient loading.We have been participating since 2002

by collecting a water sample for total phosphorus after the spring freshette in May and sending it

to Dorset. Every few weeks during the summer we drop a Secchi disc down into the water over the deep basin north of Crown Island and measure when it disappears to get our clarity readings.

3)Lake System Health/Monitoring Your Lake/EMAN/Ice watch is where our full year resident volunteers will register Mary Lake to track when the ice comes on and off the lake. They have data back to 1987.

4) Lake System Health/Monitoring Your Lake/Terrestrial Plot Monitoring will be the place

we reestablish our 20m by 20m plot of forest on top of Rocky Island that was first measured

in 2003. Unfortunately a wind event in September,2006 took out the north side and we need

professional expertise to set it up again.

                                          Other Mary Lake water quality initiatives are:

5)Well Aware and drinking water testing. You heard from “Well Aware” at our AGM and in the

past we have had Jim Steele of Jim’s Pump Shop speak to us about up to date UV

lights filter systems reminding us of the importance of regular sampling through the public

health testing service that should be done until you get three perfect 0 coliform and 0 e-coli results each summer.

6)DOCKTALK: promotes natural shoreline buffers, septic care & maintenance.FOCA supplies materials

to educate us and our neighbours about best practices around the water. Some of our members have

signed up for private site visits with a biotechnician. Lake friendly products are encouraged and we are     constantly reminding ourselves of our stewardship responsibility to avoid phosphates, fertilizers and to follow the “GO WILD” philosophy.

This year we welcome the aid of our new directors to attend as many meetings, lectures and workshops

as we can to keep up to date on what makes a merrier Mary. Please set aside some time to use the

water web to learn as much as you can about how we can all be better lake stewards in our local paradise.


7) Canada Geese  There is serious concern about goose droppings on the Port Sydney Beach as well as    along cottage shorelines. Your association is working on strategies to control this. The best strategy, since geese like grass, is to leave your shoreline in a natural state. Watch for more information at the AGM.


Map showing The Location of the Two Plants





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